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The POSCA Brush PCF-350 has a brush tip for getting into corners and gaps, for creating solid colours and fluid strokes in the same way as a traditional brush.

Painting enthusiasts will rediscover all the pleasure of handling a brush combined with the unique qualities of POSCA, while beginners will learn new techniques quickly with no risks.


The POSCA Brush is used and appreciated by many different groups: artists adding colour to sculptures, mouldings or inaccessible parts of an art work (between folds and inside twists and turns, nooks and crannies…), fans of Art Toys who need to reach very specific areas of the object (under the arm, the neck...), Asian calligraphy enthusiasts who love the brush effect combined with fine lines, comic artists and beginners looking for an easy way to learn to handle a brush.



It can be used with equal ease for careful finishing work or for uninhibited creation.



The paint stretches and glides over the surface, coating the material and leaving a perfectly smooth line.



It paints without drips or complications.



With the button on the brush pen, you can control exactly how much paint you want.




Uni POSCA Paint Marker PCF-350 Brush Tip Black

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