A wax based modeling clay that is easy to work with and never dries out.


DOES NOT HAVE A HORRIBLE SMELL!!!!    We have tested, and approve this modelling clay to be relatively odourless.  


This pliable clay sticks to itself with just a little pressure, making it easy to form fun figures and shapes in a variety of vibrant colors.




Fun for kids ages 4 and up.

Included Colors: White, Light Peach, Beige, Neon Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Neon Orange, Neon Red, Red, Light Pink, Pink, Neon Pink, Magenta, Light Purple, Purple, Violet, Slate Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Teal Blue, Green, Neon Green, Dark Green, Olive Green, Brown, Tan, Gray, Black


This is not a natural product, please use with caution if you have experienced a reaction to wax-based modeling clays in the past.  This product may stain or damage finished surfaces, please protect your workspace when using it.  Wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water when you have finished crafting.



Sculpey EZ Shape Modeling Clay