A little larger than A3 size - this 44x32 cm Swedish Painting Paper is the most popular paper, and popular size used in Waldorf/Steiner schools.



140 gsm. Heavy quality paper from Sweden. Suitable for wet-on-wet painting. Used at schools and by therapists.


We sell this paper in an economical pack of 25 sheets.




Suited for aquarel painting: moderate
Suited for wet in wet painting: good
Drying quality: good
Suited for dry paints: moderate
Suited for veiling: good
Paint absorbing quality: good
Paint absorbing quality: good
Suited for form drawing: good
Wet through eeking: good
Water absorbing quality: good
Brand: Mercurius
Colours general: crème
Size: 44x32 cm
Weight: 140 grs
Pack Size: 25 sheets


Mercurius Swedish Painting Paper 44x32cm - 25 sheets