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This gorgeous mango wood tray has been hand carved with elephant motifs.



Size: 40 x 28 cm


Who made this Trade Aid item?

Aspiration International


Master artisans are created through Aspiration International. Business support and mentoring encourages artisans to open their own workshops, and to pass their intergenerational skills along to the next generation by employing young artisans utilising traditional handicraft skills.



Why do we love his Trade Aid mango wood tray with elephant designs?


-  Having a tray as part of your household equipment is vital!  Transport a cup of tea and a bit of cake from kitchen to dining room/lounge/outdoor area with ease!   

-  During a party you can move many items from the kitchen to where they need to go.

-  Playing board games - and dice games such as Yahtzee is MUCH easier and less stressful if children roll the dice inside the tray!

-  Keep all your journaling equipment in one place on the tray, and easily move it around to where you want to work.

-  Set up a tray with art equipment that your children are allowed to use without asking -inspire creativity by providing good-quality equipment and add to it from time to time.

-  Keep a tray by the front door to put items in that you need to take with you when you go out.

-  The tray by the front door is a handy place for visitors to leave their bags and keys etc.

- When opening bags of Lego have a tray under the bags as they are cut open to ensure that all the bits stay on the tray and don't go missing on the floor (causing INTENSE frustration!!).

- Take a few carefully chosen toys outside on a tray for a nice game under a tree.

- Present carefully-chosen craft supplies to your children on a tray - perhaps some felt squares, embroidery thread, needles, scissors, paper to make patterns, and some stuffing and see what they make. 


 There are hundreds of uses for a tray - and this beautiful handmade wooden tray with inset handles will be well-used in any household!



Mango wood tray with elephant design

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