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How long have I wanted to try these coloured pencils?!?   Years!!!   And now that I have tried them I'm EXTREMELY impressed.   Rich colour, easy to use, but the leads seem harder to break - how do they do that?


They are full-sized (7inch) pencils, with a triangular .4 inch hold which makes them extremely comfy to use.  The un-lacquered natural wood feels smooth and cool to the touch.


Super FERBY colored pencils are manufactured in Germany with highly pigmented thick leads and superior quality wood, delivering exceptionally bright, rich color and less breakage.


Developed in co-operation with the Waldorf School, the Super FERBY Waldorf Selection Sets feature a special assortment of un-lacquered natural wood pencils. Includes lemon, scarlet lake, magenta, Prussian blue, sap green, Van Dyke brown, zinc yellow, light orange, light carmine, light blue, apple green and Venetian red."

  • 12 colored pencils
  • 7" length, 0.4" diameter
  • Unlacquered





Lyra Waldorf Selection Pack of 12 pencils

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