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These round and flat Taklon brushes are suitable for fine details and highlighting, or covering large areas.


Synthetic hair filaments are an excellent alternative to natural hair, ideal for Acrylic, Water Colour, Poster Colour, Gouache and Tempera.



Please note this is a single item.  Each brush is a different price - please choose from the options next to the photo above.


Gold Synthetic Round Brushes:

#2 - $3.00

#3 - $3.40

#6 - $4.80

#8 - $6.40

#10 - $7.00

#12 - $8.00


Gold Synthetic Flat Brushes:

#6 - $6.50

#8 - $6.50

#12 - $8.00

#18 - $13.00



If you are unsure about which size brush to pick - it's a good idea to get smaller brushes for more careful, detailed work, and larger brushes for big areas, loose painting, splashy colours, wet-on-wet painting and background washes.


Please contact us if you require assistance choosing.


Jasart Golden Synthetic Round or Flat Brush - Various sizes (various prices)

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