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Beautifully smooth and satisfying fidget spinner.


We have chosen this particular fidget spinner because of it's pleasing sensory nature, and the extremely smooth mechanics!


If you set it on a flat surface and give it a decent spin it goes on for a long, long, long time!



"Fidgetspinner is an addictive, stress-relief device that you just won't be able to put down.

Place it between your finger and thumb then flick it to start the hypnotic spinning that is a great stress reliever and beats drumming your fingers or clicking your biro.

Or just grab it by one of its ears and swing it gently back and forth as you would a set of keys ... less bulky and infinitely more satisfying!"




Colours available;   white with a black centre,   or white with a red centre.





Not for under 3 year olds.


Customers say:


"My sons have really enjoyed them and found them to be the best we have had so far.  They are well weighted and robust enough to survive the boys trying out tricks with them, they last a surprising amount of time when you simply spin them on the table as well.  I would definitely buy again."  E Gibb



Fidget Spinner - Smooth and Satisfying

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