Art storage solution for storing and organizing your art supplies.


These Pencil Wraps/Pencil rolls are suitable for holding up to 48 pencils and include 2 small mesh pockets which are handy for storing accessories.


They have been developed using a fashionable brown leather-look fabric.


The strap has 2 press studs offering 2 lengths for closure, or wrap it around and tuck the end in, for a more natural look.


The Jasart Pencil Wraps provide the ultimate storage solution for storing, transporting and organizing a full set of 48 pencils.



We love our Jasart Pencil Wrap because we can see our full set of pencils in one glance rather than having them in a pencil case or drawer.  We can also be assured that the pencils will be safe when we take them on trips out!


For some people there is a deep sense of satisfaction in having the pencils arranged in a particular order, which adds greatly to their enjoyment of art session.  You can also see if any pencils are missing, or see at a glance which pencils need to be sharpened or replaced.


Please note - you can fit 48 regular-width pencils in this wrap.

If you want to store your Lyra Ferby Giant pencils in this wrap you'll need to use every second elasticated holder - therefore it will hold 24 pencils (for example it will hold one pack of 12 Waldorf colour selection pencils, plus one pack of 12 skin tone pencils.)   Please email us with any queries you may have.


Jasart Brown Pencil Wrap/Pencil Roll