High quality 100% food safe silicone for even heat distribution so your perfectly baked muffins or cupcakes slip right out making cleaning up extra easy.


If you wash in the dishwasher your pans may not dry completely, so be sure to wipe with a soft cloth before putting away.


We have chosen to sell this brand because our own Wiltshire silicone muffin pans have had very heavy use over the last 10+ years and they are still going strong.   Our children's favourite treat is the good old Edmonds banana cake receipe - put into mini muffin pans, and made into little individual cakes!



These can also be used for soap or cosmetic making, sweets, jellies and muesli mixture.  


Make a fun meal for children:  Fill each cup with a different type of food - cubes of cheese, sultanas, salami, peanuts, carrot sticks, dip, avocado etc etc etc  This can help a child with a poor appetite, or recovering from an illness, or if they are going through the "can't be bothered to eat, I'm playing" phase.


Children also love to use them for sorting buttons, beads etc.



Wiltshire Flexible Mini Muffin Pans - 12 Cup

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