We have used our EXTREMELY sturdy whiteboard like these for many years - they will outlast any cheap boards by a long shot!  These boards are 5mm thick, with an unfinished, softened edge.


Very popular for children's church, school use, kindergartens, playgroups, preschools etc.


The size sold here is 33cm x 23cm which is a bit larger than an A4 sheet of paper.  We have made them this size for two reasons:


1.  It is a fantastic size to hold on your lap for writing or drawing and


2.  It can be turned over, and used as a clipboard if you put a bulldog clip on the top.


We like things with multi-uses!!


We also make an A3 size which is excllent for a noticeboard, displaying in front of a group or for big drawing and writing!








Please ensure you use a good quality whiteboard marker and eraser - such as this one here.  If you find you have "ghosting" on your board that you want to remove, you can wipe it from time to time with some white methylated spirits.


Whiteboard - Clipboard Size - 33cm x 23cm