• unique twist-applicator for gluing dots, lines and surfaces
  • formula 70% nature-based
  • solvent-free
  • soft and handy plastic bottle from 88% plant-based raw materials
  • dermatologically tested
  • washes out with soap



Glues cardboard, paper, felt, leather, cork, fabrics, wood, among themselves and to metal, porcelain, glass, Styrofoam® and many plastic materials.



The UHU Twist & Glue - in this handy bottle with the 3 in 1 applicator has been our favourite for many years ESPECIALLY when it comes to gluing pieces of craft felt together - or making pom-pom/pipecleaner/goggly-eyed creatures!


Don't waste time and energy trying to stick things together with ineffective glue - this glue will help make your crafting sessions much more enjoyable!



This 35ml bottle is what we would call "small".


UHU Twist & Glue - 35ml