These beautiful smooth XB (extra bold - 1mm ballpoint) pens come in a handy pack of 10 colours:


- orange

- red

- orange

-  fuschia

-  purple

-  dark blue

-  light blue

-  dark green

-  light green

-  brown

-  black


  • Ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing
  • Ideal for everyday writing
  • Particularly smooth writing performance
  • Airplane safe - automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft
  • Available in stand-up STAEDTLER box


Our personal thought is that this Staedtler ball point pen is nicer to use, and more reliable than the Staedtler roller ball - and we highly recommend this particular product.


Biros are a favourite of many people - especially those working on thin paper that might have a tendency to allow other pens to bleed through.  These pens DO NOT bleed through paper - even thin pages like Bible pages.


Excellent additional to your journaling kit, these XB pens are smooth and vibrant with a gorgeous bold 1mm line.

Staedtler Triplus Ball XB - Pack of 10 colours

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$21.17Sale Price