These premium watercolour crayons are professional quality artists crayons that offers versatility in an art medium. They are fully compatible with watercolour pencils, watercolors and traditional coloured pencils to provide a variety of creative effects and shades.


You can apply these on a variety of paper and they will deliver brilliant colours that are lightfast. They are strong and will stand up to the pressure of rigorous colouring and blending.


They can be used in several ways:


Dip the crayon directly into water and then apply to paper or card.

Wipe a wet brush across the crayon and use the brush on the paper or card.

Indirect:  scribble the crayon onto a shiny surface (plastic lid, acrylic, metal, shiny card etc) and then pick up the pigment with a wet paintbrush.


If you are using these watercolour crayons with an water brush it makes your painting extremely portable and relatively mess-free!


Lay the colour direct onto your page thickly, or a fine covering as you wish.  If you're using the colour for a large background area you can simply colour the edges and then with a wet paintbrush activate the pigment, and draw it into the page giving a beautiful watercolour graded effect.


The sleeve of the crayon is perforated in sections making it easy to peel off when you need more colour.


Packaging may vary from photograph - the photo shown with Karat paints is the old branding/packaging.  The new branding of "Design Journey" contains the same product.



Staedtler Design Journey Watercolour Crayons - 12