Two 8 cm x 2.5 cm plastic-coated magnets, marked with N and S so you can see which end is which.


These are powerful magnets so please heed the warning on the back of the packet:



 All magnets should be kept away from sensitive electronic devices, medical equipment, magnetic media, credit cards, monitors or watches.  Failure to do so may cause damage.

Not suitable for children under 3 years."






Founded in 1783, Shaw Magnets is the oldest established magnet company in the world and has manufactured and supplied high quality magnets to education and industry for over 230 years. Commotion bought Shaw's in 2003 and have since introduced new magnetic ranges including Pole Marbles, Floating Magnets and the Magnet Pole Finder. Shaw's magnets, magnet accessories and consumables continue to sell successfully and we are constantly reviewing and improving our range. Shaw magnets can be found in hundreds of thousands of industrial and educational environments all over the world. If you used a horseshoe magnet at school, it was most likely a Shaw’s magnet!

Shaw Magnets - 2 plastic-coated magnets

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