Hand-crafted in our own workshop, these beautiful heritage recycled rimu boxes will be treasured for years (generations even!).


We have discovered that babies show a great interest in "posting" items through various sized/shaped slots.  However, most manufactured (plastic) shape sorters have a "right" and a "wrong" way to post the shapes through which is extremely frustrating for the majority of babies!  They just want to get on with the business of posting things into slots.


We also found that mass-produced shape sorters are discarded and not played with after a time - the shapes are lost and there is no use for the box when the shape are gone.


So we designed, and then built this shape sorter for our own children many years ago, and it has been a hit with all of them.  Filled with age-appropriate "found items" or "loose parts" children will delight in keeping their "treasures" in a safe place, while continually tipping them out and posting them into the shaped holes.


Our children have used our box for many years, in many different ways - pirates treasure chest, jewellery box, an "oven" for pretend cooking, a cupboard etc.


We're so excited to be able to offer these shape sorters to our customers - we only have a few available at the moment though, so pick your favourite and purchase it as soon as you can!


These beautiful heirloom-quality boxes are truly made from heritage recycled rimu (taken during renovations to our own 1880's dwelling), and each box is unique in it's size and characteristics.  It is finished with Linseed Oil which gives the timber a glorious warm colour, and lovely smell.


I have included a few treasures to start your collection off.  Please remove any items that are dangerous/not appropriate for your child's age/stage, and continually check the items during play to ensure they are still safe.



These shape sorter treasure boxes are a really beautiful, lasting gift for a special child.







Please ensure that small pieces are not given to children under the age of 3.

Recycled Rimu Shape-Sorter Treasure Box #2