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The Natural Living Journal has been created to be multi-purpose.

It is undated, so can be started at time during the year - you can even stop using it for a while, and pick it up again some months later.


My goal in creating this was to provide you with a practical but fun, user-friendly, well thought-out journal that will make your life easier, and more enjoyable.  At the same time, you will be creating a unique keepsake of your year.


There are areas for you to store important information, there is a yearly planner, monthly planners and pages with weekly information.  Each page is illustrated for colouring, and the beautiful thick paper has been carefully chosen to ensure the main colouring tools will be fun and effective to use - felt pen, pencil, watercolour pencils, Gelatos, watercolours, pigment liners, fineliners, broadliners, gel pens, metallic pens etc.


In addition to the planning and calendar pages, you will find a vision board, menstruation tracker, chore tracker PLUS extra pages at the back - dotted, grid, lines and blank to make your own trackers, mind-maps, lists or whatever you need to keep in there so that you have all your information in ONE PLACE!


Each month has a fun page where you can note down seasonal happenings - and answer the questions according to how you feel that season.


It's vitally important that we ask ourselves these questions to develop or remember a sense of who we really are - and to learn to love and accept ourselves.


The fun seasonal pages have questions such as:

- I like this season because

- I'm grateful for

- I'm grateful that I can

- Things I'm doing this season


This journal will also challenge the user with the "5 things" questions dotted throughout the book,

There are questions such as: 

- 5 things you survived that made you stronger

- 5 ways your family shows support to you

- 5 childhood friends you enjoyed being with

- 5 compliments you've received in your life that you remember fondly


There are also art challenge suggestions each month, plus bonding activities to participate in with people you love, and research topics every month with a natural living slant.  For those already living a natural lifestyle these may be a reminder why these topics are important, and for those wanting to learn more about a 'cleaner' way of living, these topics may be just what is needed to make a gradual start into learning more.


You may wish to look through these product collections to purchase some of resources for use in your journal:

Pens, Pencils and Crayons

Painting and Colouring

Journaling Supplies


Cover colours available:

Pink (bright baby pink)

Purple (bright lilac)

or Green (emerald)


Natural Living Journal/Planner

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