This beautiful hand-made prayer stool enables comfortable floor sitting in the "seiza" style - with no pressure on your feet, ankles or legs.


Loved by parents and teachers who wish to sit on the floor and play/interact with children, also by festival goers who can easily slip a hinged-leg prayer stool into their bag, and carry it with them - so they'll always have a comfortable seat to sit on wherever they find themselves. 


These have also been popular with people spending time in a prayerful state of mind, and during martial arts practice, yoga etc.


We can also attest to these stools being amazingly comfortable for pregnant mummies - and sitting like this regularly during your pregnancy can enable the baby to move into the best position for birthing.  These stools are very sturdy, and can carry a large amount of weight with no problem.  Please check with your midwife or LMC if you have any concern about whether this stool would be right for you.  :)  



NB:  If you will be using the prayer stool around small children it is suggested that you get a fixed-leg prayer stool, as the folding stools can trap little fingers if  they play with them.



Each prayer stool is unique - the one you will be buying here is shown in the first photograph.

Prayer Stool - Hinged - Recycled Rimu # 5