Ozi Rang is a soft, flexible flying toy that comes straight back to you just like a boomerang!



With four wings for a smooth, curved flight path you can fling this flyer with a flick of the wrist. Watch the Ozi Rang circle out at 1.25 metres, then make its way back to your into your arms.


This snazzy design is made with "soft'n'safe" foam so you can toss it around indoors or out.



Age: 3+

What You Get

Ozi Rang by Britz'n'Pieces. Available in red, green, yellow and blue.



How It Works

Similar to a boomerang or a helicoptors blades (which were inspired by the boomerang's design), the arms of the Ozi Rang are designed so that they generate lift. The rotation leads to gyroscopic precession, and allows to the Ozi Rang to return to the thrower when launched correctly.




  • Momentum
  • Physics


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Ozi Rang