Aqua Brush Duo is a fibre pen with a brush effect for artists, designers and amateurs of all ages.


The fibre tips are extremely strong and do not fray.


There is a broad tip on one side, which allows brush-like techniques. Fine lines and drawings are easy to create using the other side of the Aqua Brush Duo. Allows you to create perfect pictures, plans etc.


The inks are water based, free from hazardous solvents, are lightfast and can be mixed.





- Brush pen provides brush on effect
- Stable tips
- Broad tip on one side and fine tip on reverse
- Water-based
- Great for artists, designers, and hobby painters



NOTE PLEASE:   We have not been fully confident of this pen's ability to be blended with water on all paper surfaces.  Some respond better than others, and we are not confident to sell these specifically as a watercolour pen.


However - they are beautiful to colour with, and the dual tip gives wonderful results, especially for lettering.  The brush tip is fun to colour with as it can give a lot of variation in colouring.


We are confident that at our sale price of $38.99 you will be getting some beautiful pens that we hope you will enjoy!

Lyra - Aqua Brush Duo - 12 Pack of Pens

$59.99 Regular Price
$38.99Sale Price