This liquid floating timer rhythmic motion can be so calming and soothing to watch.


With the popular Liquid Timer, two rows of soft circles gently float to the bottom, creating a fun visual display. Each row features soothing complimentary colors that are appealing and fun to watch.


This simple timer lasts for approximately one minute.


Use the Liquid Timer as a transition tool to move on to the next activity or a relaxation tool.


It's a big hit with those who are visually oriented!



Recommended for 3 years and over


Product dimensions 150mm x 150mm x 2500mm


WARNING:   Please do not shake your timer - it may cause lots of small bubbles to form, and these may not return to regular large bubbles.

Please do not sit your timer in the sun - this will damage the colour of the oil and cause the liquid to evaporate.


Liquid Floating Timer - Blue/Green or Pink/Blue