• COMPLETE MIXED MEDIA TOOL KIT - The Gelatos Tool set is a must have tool set for all of your Mixed Media projects!


  • PALETTE KNIFE - The Palette Knife has been used by fine artists for centuries, but is a great tool for blending colors and mixing Gelatos with water, Gesso and other Textural Accents.


  • STIPPLE BRUSH - Create speckled effects with the Stipple Brush! Mix Gelatos or Aquarelles with water and then load up the brush with the mixture. Flick or tap the brush to get different flecked patterns. You can also use it dry on wet mediums to get a mottled effect.


  • DOT DABBER - Make great polka dots! Available in two fun sizes - use them with any wet medium to create dots or swirls and other fun patterns. Also great for blending onto or streaking wet color.


  • DRIP DROPPER -  A handy little tool for transferring color mixtures of Gelatos, Aquarelles, paints and inks from the palette to the misting bottle. Also great for dripping techniques where you drip color mixtures onto your paper and tilt it to let the mixture run.


  • BLENDING CHISEL - The firm Blending Chisel is great for patterning with wet mediums such as Gelatos and Aquarelles. Use the broad stroke to create streaks, or use the fine point tip to blend delicate areas or etch designs into wet colors

Gelatos Tool Set - 6 tools