This kit will provide you with two handmade soaps (made by Watts Good Creations) and enough carded wool in various colours to make two felted soaps.



When you order your Felted Soap Kit you'll be sent a quantity of carded wool - one main colour, and several other colours - in a random selection, with two soaps  - one lemongrass and one lavender.


Main photograph shows the quantity of carded wool you will receive, but not necessarily those colours, and the size of the bars of soap ('gift' sized soaps).


Other photos show how to wrap the soap in the carded wool, and then what the soap will look like after it has been felted.


Felted wool must be stored on a rack to ensure it dries properly between uses.  Because of the natural anti-bacterial properties of wool the soap will not get mouldy.


Many people are enjoying using felted soaps as all-over-body shower soaps as the felted wool can have a slightly abrasive quality.






Felted Soap Kit - Makes 2 Felted Soaps