Kneadable Art Erasers are the perfect choice for correcting charcoal, pencil and pastel work. They are easily kneadable and absorbent and leave no residue behind.


NO COLOUR is transferred to your paper!


  • For correcting and lightening charcoal and pastel work
  • For cleaning slides and final drawings
  • Extremely kneadable and absorbent
  • Including storage box
  • Colours red, yellow, blue assorted


Also EXCELLENT for a sensory tool to use in your (non-drawing) hand as you are drawing.


The storage box is wonderful for keeping this product clean and tidy.  


Reasons we like this eraser:


Fun colours;

Doesn't damage the paper;

Having different colours means you can keep them separate for different uses - such as charcoal, pastel, graphite etc;

Can be kneaded into a "sausage" shape and then rolled over your drawing - this lifts most of the unwanted graphite without damaging the paper - allowing for a cleaner base for inking over;

Storage box prevents drying out or getting fluffy/dirty from being inside your pencil box/case;

Keeping the eraser in the box also ensures that the eraser doesn't rub against your other precious drawing supplies!





Please ensure you have clean hands when you use this product so the ability to erase is optimal.

Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser - 3 colours to choose from