Esselte Book Rings are sturdy steel rings which easily open and close allowing you to organise and secure documents together.


They are perfect for use with loose leaf sheets, memos, invoices and keys.


If you use a hole punch and put a hole near the corner of flashcards, you can keep them stored together, or use them easily if they're attached to a ring.


  • Each ring is 38 mm in size.
  • They have a strong, steel construction which means they won't bend or break.
  • They're easy to open and close, providing a temporary binding solution.



Another point, which many people overlook - is that these heavy-weight, strong rings are EXCELLENT sensory tools.  They feel beautiful in the hand, they can be clipped together, clipped to a bag or zip, you can attach other sensory tools to these rings, there are many ways in which to use these as sensory tools!


Please do not give these to small children - they are not toys and could be dangerous if you clip a body part in the enclosure when shutting them.


Sold here in packs of six.


Esselte Book Rings - Pk of 6 - 38mm