We have created this little kit to set you up with all you need to start cross-stitching!


- 10 x colours of embroidery floss on cardboard bobbins to keep them neat

- Two pieces of beautiful 6-count Aida fabric

    one at 20cm x 20cm

    and one at 30cm x 30cm

- A pack of three needles 


Each bobbin contains approxiately one-quarter of the length of a regular skein of floss - so you can have more colours at a lower price.


6-count Aida is very hard to find, but the perfect fabric for people learning cross-stitch.  It is stiff enough that you won't need to use an embroidery hoop.


Follow a printed pattern, sketch your own design on the fabric, or just go free-style!




Cross-Stitch Kit with Floss, Needles and Fabric