Chromacryl Gesso Primer is applied prior to painting. Gesso Primer seals the painting surface, preventing moisture loss through absorption, which can cause acrylic paints to dry too fast.


A white primer suitable for the student artist.


It is suitable for most painting surfaces including canvas, paper and card.


Made to a high viscosity formulation which can be used to produce texture before starting to paint.


  • Excellent covering power and provide a smooth, even finish with a very fine ‘tooth’
  • When a smooth more even surface is required a little water can be added to produce a smooth effect
  • Use 2 coats of Gesso to seal and prepare the surface you want to work on
  • Seal non-professional pre-primed canvases
  • Gesso primers are formulated to prevent moisture loss through absorption, which can make acrylic paint dry too quickly, leaving the paint looking flat and dull
  • Gesso Primers are ideal for the preparation of most surfaces: canvas, cardboard, illustration board, paper, etc.
  • Content: 1 Litre



Chromacryl Gesso 1 litre