Craft Kits are a great, easy way to introduce crafting and creating.


Boyle Craft Kits contain all you need to put together either a model yacht, plane, windmill or birdhouse.


Kits contain:

1 x pack of pre-cut pieces to build the model

1 x bag of wooden nails

1 x pot of non-toxic white glue

6 x non-toxic paint colours

1 x paint brush

1 x instruction sheet




Choking hazard - contains small parts.  Not suitable for children under .



Please note that the models do not work - the boat does not float, and the plane does not fly!


Our testers say:

"I found the instructions a bit vague, but easily worked out where to place the pieces by referencing the images on the box.  I'd recommend that a child has adult supervision if they want to make this set themselves."

"Our 10 year old made his sets up without reading the instructions at all ... it's more his style to make it up as he goes along!!  He was a bit disappointed with the way the first one came out, so he slowed down for the second set and looked more closely at the pictures and he was really pleased with his work the second time."


Boyles Crafty Kits - wooden models - 4 to choose from

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