100% cotton unbleached, stable, acid-free stretched canvas.


9 x 12 inches (slightly wider than A4 size) suitable for oil and acrylic painting, including paint markers.


For professionals and amateurs.


1.5 inch frame with staple-free edges.



Bockingford stretched canvas is manufactured using 100% cotton.  It is unbleached in order to retain its natural tone and flexibility.  Suitable for acrylics, oils and airbrush paints.


The canvas is stretched over a sturdy timber frame which is both stapled and glued in the corners.  Finely structured and hard-wearing, stable and non-deforming frame.


Sized to 13oz by priming it three times with acid-free acrylic gesso.  This properly seals and protects the canvas, while providing a receptive painting surface upon which you can expect to create an artwork that will last for many years.


The triple-gesso process is what sets this Bockingford canvas apart from other cheaper brands.  The difference is noticeable when painting on a canvas!



Bockingford Stretched Canvas