A favourite with children, this beautiful blue bird money box will look lovely on the shelf, while also being an extremely useful tool for learning money management.


Everyone who sees and feels these Trade Aid money boxes is impressed with the beautiful padded leather, and quality.  These are items that will last for many years.


This beautiful royal blue shanti leather bird money box has a coin slot on the back and a domed flap to access the savings once full. Shanti leather is created in a multi-stage process involving hours of painstaking work – cutting, embossing or screen printing, smoothing and stitching. Handmade by skilled artisans working with Equitable Marketing Association (EMA), one of Trade Aid's fair trade partners in India.


Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) works with women, young people, and the disabled, who struggle to transform their difficult economic situations. Through EMA, the artisans mostly live and work together, earning good wages and gaining dignity through participation in productive activities.





Bird Leather Money Box