The very popular pack of two books - one Handbook and One Seasonal Journal!


The ADVENTURES IN NATURAL LEARNING series is made in New Zealand by a kiwi mother of seven.

The Handbook contains over 400 do-able games and activities for children and their parents/grandparents/teachers/nan­nies etc - anyone who wants to build beautiful relationships through having fun together and building beautiful memories.

Popular with people who believe children of any age learn through play, and people who are looking for respectful, easy, effective ways to connect with children.

It also includes bonus lists of topics to study to increase curiosity and knowledge of history, the natural world and many other areas.



The Seasonal Journal is a place for you or your child to record your personal journey through a natural education year, with many suggested topics (drawn from many different educational systems and suggested curricula) separated into appropriate seasons, to provide a rich, exciting life.

Easy and super fun to use!

Both the Handbook and the Seasonal Journal are suitable for EVERY age, for various lifestyles:

- child-directed education
- unschooling
- natural learning
- supplement to regular schooling
- or curriculum-based home education.



Our happy customers say:

" ...they are exactly what I hoped they would be and the journal is just what I was looking for to record our home educating adventure! Thank you for writing them ... I can see exactly how this will work with my family and my highly resistant to "planned schooling" kids."
M B - Lower Hutt

My 6 year old, after asking me to write out one section decided he wanted to continue on his own. This is huge for him.
A H - Wellington

I highly recommend Debbie's "Adventures In Natural Learning" handbook and seasonal journals. The handbook has given me many wonderful ideas for fun activities for my children. My 10 year old also likes to refer to the book himself for suggestions for play and learning. There are ideas that would suit all ages, personalities and interests.

K R - Christchurch

Your books are amazing debbie and are going to be an amazing resource for my wee family on our journey ..thank you for sharing x
K T - Rotorua

… FANTASTIC resource for raising curious, creative, world-exploring kids (whether they go to school or not)


Adventures in Natural Learning Pack: Handbook & Seasonal Journal