This fantastic painting accessory will make your small children's painting sessions so much easier!


Put some paint into the pot, put the stopper back in, put the pots into the tray and have it all ready for them when they want to paint.


The lids push on and off easily which is great for filling and cleaning.


If you half-fill each pot with paint, and remove the stopper,  the design of the lid ensures that paint won't spill out if the pot gets tipped over.


You can put one paintbrush per pot which (hopefully!) ensures the colours stay clean.


There are two indentations on the lids for the painter to rest their brush over the lid if they so wish.


The holding tray is sturdy plastic, with each well being deep enough to hold the pots securely.


A very nice piece of equipment.


6 non-spill paint pots, with stoppers and holding tray

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